***Not accepting new clients at this time***
***Not accepting new clients at this time***   

What is Health At Every Size?

Health At Every Size™ is a philosophy that endorses overall well being as a marker of health, not the number on a scale. It utilizes a holistic mind-body-spirit approach, which acknowledges all aspects of health: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. The HAES approach advocates eating with balance, variety and moderation, recognizing that food is only one aspect of a healthy, full life. When food choices are made out of fear, it gives food and weight far too much power. Conversely, when choices are made out of freedom, it fosters a sense of competency.  The body is then treated with value and respect – no longer a slave to unrealistic weight goals.


The HAES philosophy embraces the practice of intuitive eating, which means listening to natural body cues of hunger and satiety. As such, it rejects fad diets, weight-loss programs, exercise gimmicks and the use of weight loss pharmaceuticals.  With this balanced & attuned approach, it is possible for anyone to have a healthy relationship with food and weight. 



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