***Not accepting new clients at this time***
***Not accepting new clients at this time***   

Here's what past and present clients have to say...

"Meeting with you yesterday was more amazing than I ever expected! To be honest with you, I agreed to see you because [my therapist] asked me to & I thought 'ok I will see her once to keep my word to [my therapist] but I won't need to have any additional appointments after that'. Well I couldn't have been more wrong or had any idea how much you have to offer & teach me for my recovery!! The only word I have to describe my experience with you yesterday is 'WOW'. THANK YOU!! I look forward to meeting with you every week.


Also I wanted to share with you that my husband & I talked extensively about what I learned during our session yesterday & he shares my excitement...We were both excited to have that set of 'tools' to use to help us work thru those feelings. He felt like he had something more that his 'empty words' of 'but you know you are not fat' & I had a way to help me live in the truth. We talked about how this can help both of us convert negative feelings about our self-worth into more healthy thoughts & feelings. WOW!"

                                                                                                 -Registered Nurse Anthem, AZ



"I can't tell you how much our talk on Friday helped me!  You are my gift from God in this... I really could not take this journey without you :)

I've been thinking a lot about what we ended with on Friday - This is so much more of a discovery/journey than a "process." It's so much like our relationship with God or a spiritual journey - it's not a checklist type thing - but I really believe that the journey is the only way to affect real change that is lasting. The checklist just never works in any area of real life." 

                                                                                   -Human Resources Executive Tempe, AZ

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